17 days
directed by Vladimir Khan and written by Valentina Pak
We are the fruits of our family tree. And you exist because the generational chains that link you to your ancestors have not yet broken.
This is the story of a korean woman, whose family fled Korea at the end of the 19th century, escaping famine, poverty and slavery and began a new life in Imperial Russia. Unfortunately, in 1937, her parents and all Koreans living in the Far East of the USSR were forcefully exported into Central Asia. She was born in Kazakhstan, but her grandson had moved to UK long ago. They travel together, reconnecting with relatives and retelling the tales of their family.
What impression will this journey leave on her grandson ? Will it help him find his place in this fast-shifting, ever changing world? What will he be reminiscing about many years from now?
Will his grandmother become his link to the past?
Vladimir Khan
Valentina Pak
General Producer
Valentina Pak
Documentary film
Countries of origin
The Republic of Kazakhstan
1 hour 04 minutes

“Memory is the only paradise out of which we cannot be driven away.”

— Jean Paul’s (Johann Paul Friedrich Richter, 1763-1825) Geist; oder Chrestomathie, Vierter Theil [4th part], Weimar/Leipzig, 1816

17 дней
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